Gathering Graces 8/23/2017

*This week Nikki and I have had the pleasure of having her “granddog” Pansy walk with us in the morning.  We have had to alter our route so she doesn’t wake up every dog in the neighborhood, but that is okay.  She enjoys her morning walk with us.
*Bill, Christy and I met together on how we should proceed forward regarding Mom’s estate.  Some things will get done in the next couple days, but others will wait until October when Bill returns from Maryland. 
*Cosette continues to have a good week, and has not had any kind of relapse.  That makes this Momma feel very good.  My prayer is she continues to recover and get stronger every day.
*I talked to my friend Stephanie Bauman Broaddus today on the phone.  We had a great talk about dealing with the things left behind of a departed loved one, Cosette’s health issues (Stephanie was very helpful giving Paul some information on some medication that may help Coco, and it seems to have helped), and what my last couple months have been like.  I felt very uplifted after getting off the phone with Stephanie.  It was a good phone call.
*With the addition of Mom’s two wing chairs to our living room, it was a good time to sweep and mop the floors, and rearrange to make room for the new additions.  We also added a small table from Mom’s and additional lamps.  Paul and I are both happy with the results.
*Steve Bourgard came over and we got the ball rolling to get our roof redone.  I am so thankful we can get this project done before winter comes.  His crew will start tearing off the old shingles at the beginning of next week.  We will also be getting some new gutters, which are also much needed.  We will paint the house next spring/summer, and have a whole new look to our house!
*While over at Mom’s house, I also had a chance to go through her clothes, and there were a few items I held back.  Some as keepsakes, some as costumes, and some to possibly wear.  It was nice to have Christy there with me as we remembered certain things about certain items of Mom’s clothing.  It also gave me a chance to read through more cards that had been sent to Mom’s house, that I hadn’t seen yet.  We are a very blessed family surrounded by much love.
*Bill, Christy, Paul and I had a lovely dinner on our patio provided by Chris Schonewald Meyer.  Her husband Dan smoked some Cornish Game Hens, which I had never had smoked before, and they were delicious.  She also had stuffing, green beans, potatoes salad and pie, and a special Huckleberry drink.  It was a wonderful gesture of love.  And she also gave each of us a special framed saying about Family that was very kind as well.
*After dinner, I tackled another project.  I brought home all the boxes of china Mom had at her home.  I didn’t really remember her original china, but Christy pointed it out to me, and it is a beautiful pattern of purple violets on a white background with a gold trim.  It is called “Woodland Fantasy”.  I took it out of the boxes it was stored in, and hand washed each piece.  Mom and Dad would have celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in June if Dad had still been alive.  As I washed the dishes, I imagined what stories these dishes could tell of the times they were used for our special family dinners, beginning 65 years ago.

Woodland Fantasy China

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