Gathering Graces 8/2/2017

*Mom was up when I arrived, and had eaten breakfast and was looking at the newspaper.  But I could tell she was very tired.  So around 9 a.m. she laid in her bed so she could rest.  And she rested in bed the whole day.
*My sister-in-law Debbie Diedrich and I went to The Bean for coffee and to visit.  We had a really nice time catching up and talking about things, and figuring out projects she can do at Mom’s house to help.
*I went back to be with Mom after coffee, and Sue and Joe Kerns arrived to visit with Mom.  But Mom was resting, so we had a nice visit about their recent trip to Nelson, British Columbia, and Joe showed me photos from their trip.  Nelson is such a beautiful area.
*The type of schedule I have had lately keeps in hard to keep things straight.  I sat down to do some bill paying, and realized I had missed the deadline on a couple of bills.  Darn it!!  But I sat down, wrote out the checks, and Paul dropped them off on his way to the Sixth Street Melodrama for the opening August melodrama, From Wallace With Love.
*Bill and Debbie fixed some pasta for dinner, and we ate in Christy and Everett’s backyard.  We are starting discussions about the future which are not always easy to have.
*Paul arrived after he was done at the show in Wallace, and helped put some bags and boxes in the car of items of food from Mom’s house that were cleared out of her basement pantry.  And so the inevitable process of going through Mom’s belongings begins.

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