Gathering Graces 8/25/2017

*The mornings are getting much cooler, and the Linden tree in our backyard is starting to turn yellow and lose leaves.  I think I smell fall in the air.
*I got a call from my wonderful friend Anita this morning.  We had a great visit about missing our moms, and the process of going through their things, and it was so nice to hear her voice.  She lives in Meridian, so I only get to see her a couple times a year, but she is my kindred spirit, and her love and support and prayers are much appreciated.
*Paul and I went over to Mom’s house to load more things in the car to bring home.  You never know what things are going to hit you, and today, it was the area of Mom’s basement by her washer and dryer.  Most of the things in that area have been removed, and it looked stark and bare, and it made me cry.  Mom was always very particular about laundry.  It was her domain.  Growing up, we were never allowed to do our own laundry.  I never did my own laundry until I moved to Moscow for college, and had to learn to do it in the Tri-Delt house laundry room.  And when we started doing Mom’s laundry, she was always very particular about how her clothes were taken care of.  Wrinkles were her nemesis!! 
*I finally finished the book All the President’s Men today.  I try and read it every few years.  You can rent the movie on Amazon Prime, and I hope to do watch it one of these days very soon.
*I’m not sure what Paul and I are going to do next week when we are unable to take our afternoon naps. 
*Ann Hill fixed a very delicious dinner and brought it over to Christy’s house, and Paul, Christy, Everett, Bill and I enjoyed shredded beef sandwiches, fresh fruit salad, green salad and huckleberry cake with a berry syrup to pour over it.  We also opened up a gift from Trudi Pearson Brown and Roger Pearson.  They sent a “Mary” rose to be planted in Mom’s memory.  It will be planted in Christy and Everett’s backyard.
*Receiving that rose reminded me of the dogwood tree that was planted for my Grandma West in my Aunt Lila’s yard in Orofino.  Grandma West passed away in November of 1990.  I still remember being with Mom in the front bedroom of her house when she received the call about Grandma passing away.  Molly had been born in August of that year while we lived in Glendive, Montana, and we had traveled to Kellogg for Thanksgiving and to have Molly dedicated at church.  That next spring when we were living with Mom and Dad for a few weeks between our transition from Glendive to Meridian, Idaho, Mom, Molly and I drove to Orofino to either help plant the tree or see the tree, because we have photographs of all of us around the tree.  The dogwood was one of Grandma West’s favorite trees.

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