Gathering Graces 7/31/2017

*I spent some time with Mom this morning first thing before Paul came to take over so I could go to Best Shots and spend some time with Bill and Christy, and enjoy a Best Shot breakfast.
*At breakfast, we had some good discussions about Mom, set up a schedule for the week of who would be spending time with her and when. 
*I returned to Kindred and found Mom and Paul outside.  Paul was wheeling Mom around in her wheelchair so she could enjoy the lovely morning.
*I returned home and worked on some GEAR UP things I needed to get done.  The first of many GEAR UP items was accomplished.  It felt good to check them off my list.
*Tammi came and picked me up, and we drove to Coeur d’Alene.  We had such a nice visit on the way to pick up Christina.  Picking up Christina, though, proved to be quite an adventure!!  When we arrived, her dog Archie, a big Catahoula puppy that likes to take off and look for other dogs.  I helped track him down around the corner, where he had found a cat up on a fence, and a dog in a backyard behind a fence.  Soon, one of the neighbors came out with his dog, and his two daughters helped get a leash around Archie, and Archie got in the car and made it home.
*We all eventually made it to Connie’s house in Hayden, and joined Pam Sundstrom and her daughter Anika for a lovely evening on the patio, enjoying good food and good conversation.  This a spur of the moment get together with these longtime friends, and it was just what we all needed, as we all seem to be going through difficulties with parents, or just life in general.  We were a good support and sounding board for one another.
*Before we knew it, it was 10:00 p.m., and way past my bedtime.  So we said goodbye, and Tammi got me home and I was very thankful for a wonderful day

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