Gathering Grace 8/28/2017

*It was back to work at Kellogg High School today.  The day began with breakfast in the library, and a short meeting with the KHS staff. 
*It was actually a very productive day work-wise today.  I got a lot of things done regarding money issues with the Gear Up program.  I hope to get them all resolved tomorrow.
*All the school district employees gathered at the new Kellogg Community Center (formerly Kellogg Middle School) for lunch and a meeting.  It was nice to see people and enjoy a wonderful lunch provided by Columbia Bank.
*I wasn’t sure how it was going to be throughout the day, and how people were going to be regarding Mom’s death.  I had my teary moments throughout the day, but it was nice just to get that short little rub on the back, or “how are you doing”, or a hug from people who know what you have been going through.  One person felt so bad after asking how Mom was doing, and when I shared with her that she had passed away, she felt awful for asking.  But it was fine.  I am glad she now knows.
*This evening seven of my oldest and dearest friends gathered in my backyard for dinner.  April wanted to get together with everyone while she was here visiting from Italy.  Paul grilled some drumsticks and everyone brought food to go along with the meal.  We had a great evening talking about parents, the ups and downs of our lives, and stories from growing up.  We are glad Brenda Adams is back in the area, and was able to join us, too.  We missed Connie, Brenda B. and Mary, though. 
*Someone said to me today, “You never truly grow up until both of your parents are gone.”  And I think this is the first time it really hit me that I no longer have living parents.  Intellectually I knew both parents were gone, but I don’t think that reality really hit me until today.  And as my friends talked about their parents last night, each of them continues to have at least one of their parents still alive.  I am the only one who is parent-less.
*I feel my tears come not from the sadness of losing Mom, but from the caring of others.  That is what makes me teary.  Just that love and care shown to me and my family is what brings those emotions to the forefront.  And that is okay.  I have come to be okay with the tears.

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