Gathering Graces 8/5/2017

*Cosette went back to the clinic for another bag of IV fluid, because she has not stopped throwing up.  They still have no answers.  They are just treating the symptoms.  Please keep Coco in your prayers.
*Mom was very tired when I arrived before I headed to work.  I had them put her back in bed to rest.
*Work at the Sierra Silver Mine Tour was very busy today.  We had 157 people do the tour today, and our afternoon tours were all completely booked by around 2 p.m., which is very unsual.
*After work Paul and I walked over to the Wallace Elks to join our friend Vicki Allmann and her family and other friends to celebrate her husband Lee’s life.  Lee passed away in March.  This was an incredible night honoring a very special person.  I hope to write more about this celebration at a later time.
*Nancy Peacock was at the dinner, and she had some very kind words to share with me about my blog writing and what our family is going through, and I was very touched.  Thank you Nancy.
*When we returned home, we got a call from Coco saying she wasn’t any better.  So around 9 p.m., Paul drove to Moscow to get her and bring her home.  She actually slept most of the way home which was a relief.  They arrived home around 2 a.m.  As I said, continue praying that we can get some answers about what is going on with her.  Thank you.

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