Gathering Graces 8/1/2017

*Mom had the rare pleasure of having all three of her children there at once this morning to visit with.  Often we schedule our time and scatter it throughout the day.  But today our cousins Judy and Angie were in Kellogg, and so we all gathered anticipating their arrival to see Mom this morning.  They had arrived yesterday and had a wonderful visit with Mom in the late afternoon and evening, and were coming back to see Mom again this morning before driving to Orofino to see our Uncle Bob and Judy’s sister Lura, and then back home to Boise.
*It was fun seeing Judy and Angie and to visit with them, and to have them there to see Mom. 
*I went home to a flurry of activity.  Two women from the state of Idaho were there checking the well in our backyard.  They come and test it every few years.  Then Steve Bourgard came and gave us a bid on roofing our house.  We are having a few other people come and give us bids as well.  This is a project that really needs done, but, as Steve pointed out, we have a very large roof and it will be very costly.  So now comes the tricky part of trying to figure out how to finance this project!!
*After my late night the night before, I needed a nap before heading back over to spend some time with Mom.
*Mom was resting when I arrived.  She seemed a bit restless at times, but she did sleep.
*In the midst of her nap, one of the Kindred employees brought a bouquet of flowers in for Mom from her second grade students at Silver King Elementary School.  Some of my thoughtful Class of 1981 classmates sent her this beautiful bouquet.  To say I was touched is an understatement. 
*Christy arrived after she got off work, and I went home.
*Paul and I discussed our home, and projects that need done to our home, and how we will pay for them, and we didn’t really come to any conclusions.  Around 8:45 a.m. I was ready for bed, so off I went to read some more of All The President’s Men, and then go to sleep.

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