Gathering Graces 8/24/2017

*It was a rainy walk this morning, but it felt good.  It was actually rather warm outside. 
*I worked on some school things today in preparation for returning on Monday.  Time to get into school mode once again.
*One of my favorite little guys, Jackson Maxwell, and his mom Jessica stopped by with a wonderful card Jackson had made for me.  It was on poster board, and had foam stickers and glitter glue.  It was perfect.
*I hadn’t been out in the community much in the last week, so I hadn’t seen a lot of people face to face.  But this evening I was shown all kinds of love.  First I stopped at the Sierra Silver Mine Tour to pick up my check and turn in my key, and had a wonderful talk with Susan P. Halley.  Then Paul and I went to the Sixth Street Melodrama to sell concessions and watch the show.  It was great fun, and there were many people attending the show or in the show that gave me big hugs and let me know they were thinking about me and praying for our family.  It was a wonderful evening filled with lots of love.
*Cosette had visited an Internal Medicine specialist this morning, and he told her to keep doing what she had been doing, as long as it was working, and to take it easy.  I am so glad she has had such a good week.
*I received a very touching audio prayer from my sister-in-law Laurie Roberts this afternoon.  I was more than touched by her kind words and prayers she sent my way. 

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Nita Jo said...

Even though I see these posts in your FB Notes, once in a while I like to visit your actual blog. I'm loving your Gathering Graces posts, and the sharing of all aspects of your life. Thank you for being so open about all you are going through with your mom, your family, your life! I look forward to each post!