Gathering Graces 8/27/2017

*I was finally able to go to church this morning, after not attending a service since early June.  Between my trip to Italy, work and being with Mom at the nursing home, and Cosette being sick, I have been unable to attend.  But that changed today.  It was nice to help lead the worship time, and to talk to people, especially Lee Holland, who was such a comfort to me this morning. 
*After church I came home and relaxed a bit until Christy and Bill picked me up and we headed to Spokane.  Bill suggested we take the afternoon and enjoy one another’s company before we dropped him off at his hotel at the airport where he will stay so he is near the airport for his early flight back to Maryland tomorrow.
*We stopped in Pinehurst briefly and Christy and I got some coffee drinks, then we went to a place in Spokane called Kendall Yards, a new urban neighborhood north of the Monroe Street Bridge.  We walked around, saw some beautiful views of the Spokane River, and stopped in at  a pizza place for some drinks and a Caprese plate.  I enjoyed a beautiful and tasty red cider, and Bill also enjoyed his cider, which was flavored with hint of bourbon.

*After leaving Kendall Yards, we headed south to the Manito Tap House for dinner.  I enjoyed a delicious Lamb Philly Cheesesteak sandwich with Yam Chips (they make them themselves), and a crisp and refreshing glass of wine. 

*We had not had a sibling outing for quite a while, so it was nice that the three of us could be together and be relaxed after a rather stressful summer.  Bill flies back to Maryland in the morning, and he and his wife Debbie, along with their two Corgis will drive back to Kellogg in late September to establish their new home in Mom’s old home.  It will be nice to have us all living in Kellogg together.

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