Gathering Graces 8/4/2017

*The  day began with a phone call from Cosette saying she had been throwing up the last 24 hours or more and was wondering what she should do.  Paul and I said to go to the Quick Care in Moscow.  Her roommate drove her to the clinic, and she spent the morning being pumped with two bags of IV fluids.  They gave her anti-nausea medication.  They did say her white blood count was elevated and that she had a possible virus.  Nothing conclusive.
*I spent some time with Mom in the morning, then Paul arrived, and I went over to meet with Christy to get some financial things of Moms organized.
*After that, Bill headed over the Kindred, and Christy, Debbie (Bill’s wife) and I had a good talk about our lives, Mom’s house and things, and it was all good.
*I went home and had some lunch, watched some NCIS, and took a nap.  All my body wants to do is sleep these days.  Except at night, when it is suppose to.  Then, not so much.
*I was with Mom later in the afternoon.  She slept some, and she did eat some dinner, then when they were getting her ready for bed, I went over to Christy’s house for dinner.
*I made some Mojitos in the blender to refresh us all on the warm Kellogg evening.  Then Christy brought out the barbecued chicken, salad, fruit and bread for dinner.  It was all very delicious.  We had a nice visit, then headed home.
*We saw Molly briefly when we arrived home.  She had just finished her summer school classes today (YEAH!!), and was really tired, so she didn’t join us for dinner. I headed for bed.

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