Gathering Graces 8/15/2017

*It was a bit chilly on our walk this morning...46 degrees! 
*I headed over to Mom’s room and enjoyed some time with her in her room.  I stayed there most of the morning.  Mom was sleeping pretty peacefully.
*I came home and ate, and went to pay some of Mom’s bills around town. 
*I came home and ate, and went to pay some of Mom’s bills around town.
*April Lee stopped by our house to bring Paul some books she brought him from her home in Italy.  She had visited Mom earlier in the day, and was able to spend some alone time with her.
*I watched a particular touching episode of NCIS today, crying my way through the whole episode.  I think the character of Leroy Jethro Gibbs is one of the best written and portrayed characters on television.
*Andrea, the Hospice Nurse, arrived in the late afternoon, and they are doing some things so Mom will be more comfortable, including a IV diuretic to get some of the fluid off her heart and lungs. 
*Coco and I stopped by Mom’s room before heading over to Christy’s for dinner.  Bill was there, and left so he could go get something to eat.  Mom was somewhere between sleeping and awake.  I started singing to her.  I thought of some of her favorite hymns.  Cosette joined in as well.  Paul came and he sang with us, too.  At one point, the three of us were going to leave for a while, and go to Christy’s house.  But there was an expression on Mom’s face that made it clear she did not want to be alone.  So I stayed, and kept singing.  After hymns, it was Broadway songs.  And songs I remember she sang to me.  Sometimes her facial expression would change, and would react to the songs.  Often I would just sing and rub her hair.
*After eating, Bill returned to Mom’s room, and I headed over to Christy’s to eat.  Mom’s neighbor Jane came out and we hugged and cried and talked about how hard this is, and how much we are both going to miss Mom.
*During and after dinner, we had some discussions regarding Mom’s service, and how we wanted it to be, and when we wanted it to be.  It was a nice discussion.
*I am experiencing a very hard time right now.  But it is also a very special time.  I can’t thank God enough for this time I get to spend with Mom in her final days.

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