Gathering Graces 8/6/2017

*Today was not the greatest day I have ever had in my life.  I feel like I have been in a fog the past few days.   That is why this update is a little late.  It is really hard dealing with a parent who is sick.  But that has become a part of my life over the past few months.  Dealing with a child who is sick and can’t eat or drink or sleep, and is in obvious pain is also very hard.  But it is not something you expect to happen.  And to have both happen at the same time is no fun at all.
*When I arrived at Kindred, Mom was in her wheelchair, but very sleepy and kept falling asleep and her body was jerking, so I requested for the aides to have her put back into bed.  She said she was very tired.
*Molly drove me to work at the mine tour in Wallace.  Yesterday and today were two of the busiest days of the tour all summer. 
*Paul left Kellogg about 10 a.m. the night before and brought Cosette back home to see if she would feel better after throwing up the past two days, and not keeping anything down, despite two trips to a local Moscow Quick Care.  She didn’t sleep well, and was still throwing up.  Around 1 p.m. I got a call from Paul saying he was taking her to the Emergency Room at Shoshone Medical Center.  They put in an IV and gave her some medicine to relax her and help with the nausea.  They took some blood for bloodwork, and she had a CAT Scan to make sure her esophagus wasn’t torn.  Christy came to the ER to be with Cosette, and stayed with her so Paul could take Molly back to Post Falls.  Once Paul returned to SMC,  Christy came and picked me up at work and dropped me off at the hospital.
*In the midst of getting messages about Cosette at the hospital, I was also receiving texts from Bill, who was at Kindred with Mom, and explaining how she was “twitching, moaning, mumbling; she also called out for help.”  She received some morphine at around 10:30 a.m., then she got some Ativan at 11:30 a.m.  That seemed to help a lot.  Mom ended up sleeping peacefully all afternoon.  Praise God!!
*After Cosette received three bags of IV solution, the doctor came and told us her blood work looked good and so did her CAT scan, and she was free to go home.  The way he described what was happening to her, (as I recall it to the best of my ability), was she may have had a virus that caused her to throw up.  The continuous throwing up caused ketones to produce in her body,  that also causes you to throw up.  The way to get rid of the ketones is to flush it out with the fluids from the IV. 
*Around 9:30 p.m., Zoe and Jason arrived from Caldwell.  They are here for the week, and we are glad they arrived safe and sound.
*The first three bags of IV solution did not do the trick.  We took Cosette back to the ER around 11 p.m., and they started another bag.  Once she was settled down and sleeping, we went home.  It was nice to see her resting and not in pain. Cosette ended up sleeping peacefully all night long.  Praise God!!  After another three bags of IV fluid throughout the night, Cosette was doing better, and able to come home.
*I am so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers for Cosette.  I appreciate the kind messages  received, and words of concern.  It was so nice that Bill could be with Mom at Kindred, while Christy was with Cosette at SMC, and how we all worked together to help each other out.  The last two days have been a bit surreal, with Mom at Kindred dealing with her health issues, and Cosette down the street at SMC, dealing with her health issues.  But we are fortunate that both places provide caring and compassionate people to provide their health care.

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