Gathering Graces 8/1/2018

*Today there was a shift.  Today major changes took place in my life.  Today I cleaned out my office at Kellogg High School, and said goodbye.  (yes, I did get a little teary).  Today I am officially retired from the Kellogg School District.  Today I shifted to a new position.  Today I made myself available throughout the month to teach for VIPKID, a business that hires teachers to teach Chinese children English online   I also created a classroom space in the basement, with the help of Paul, where I will teach the classes.  I am looking forward to new and exciting things ahead!!
*I spent a majority of my day scheduling classes for VIPKID for the month.  The best times for me to teach are from 3 a.m. to 5:30 a.m.  I also scheduled some later evening classes throughout the month.  But, if I am working at my mine tour job, I can’t schedule classes the night before.  So it took a while to figure all that out.  I tried to have at least 40 available slots throughout each week to teach.  The slots are 25 minutes each.  So right now, that is about 20 hours of teaching a week.  I would like to get it up to 30 hours a week this fall, once my SSMT job comes to an end. 
*One of the reasons I moved my classroom to the basement, was because, in order to get a better Internet connection, they suggest you plug your computer in with an Ethernet cable that is connected to your router, and not use wireless Internet.  The room I am using in the basement is right below where we have our router upstairs, so it was easy for Paul to run an Ethernet cable down to this room.  I went down later tonight to plug in the cable to my computer to make sure it all worked, and I realized my laptop does not have a port to plug in an Ethernet cable.  So I quickly did a little research on how to remedy this problem, and found I needed to get a USB adapter, which I ordered from Amazon, and it should arrive on Saturday. 
*Since Paul had to help out at the theater tonight, we ordered burgers from Humdinger...no bun, no catsup.  I went out to the garden and picked some green beans, rat tail radishes and a yellow Taxi tomato and an heirloom Paul Robeson to eat after I finished my hamburger.  Can food taste any better than when you pick it right out of the garden?

Garden goodness!!

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