Gathering Graces 8/5/2018

*After a busy weekend, it was nice to have a somewhat relaxing day.  It was nice to be in church this morning, and help lead our congregation into worship.  I miss being in church when I am gone.
*When I got home, I ate a little bit, and then took a Sunday afternoon nap....always a treat.
*I had a potential VIPKID class this evening, so I spent some time preparing for that.  It was a trial class, which often has students not showing up.  Sure enough, it was a no show.  But we were warned.  You still get a little payment for those classes.  Someday I will have my first students...I just need to be patient.
*Molly and Travis arrived last night to spend a few days this week.  Travis is done with his summer job, and Molly is done with her classes in the PACE program.  Now all Molly has left is her student teaching this fall, and she will be done!!  Woo Hoo!!
*I harvested some green beans, zucchini and rat tail radishes this evening.  But when it came time for dinner, I was in the mood for bacon. So Paul ran to the store and got some bacon, fried it up, and made Keto friends BLT’s.  He took Romaine lettuce leaves and put the bacon and cut up tomatoes on them.  Delicious!!  We also added some cheese spread we had purchased at the Silver Valley Farmer’s Market a couple of weeks ago that was really good, too!!

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