Gathering Graces 8/9/2018

*My first order of business this morning was going up to the Uptown Hair Salon and getting a little color touch up and cut from Lynette.  Christy had a nail appointment this morning as well, so she came in around 9 a.m.  We had much discussion of gardening and showing photos this morning with everyone who was in the salon this morning.
*Once done with my appointment, I came home, grabbed my stuff, and headed to Wallace to work.  I arrived in the midst of a very busy and bustling Sierra Silver Mine Tour ticket office.  I put my things away, and took my post at the front desk.  We had a few moments of quiet, but overall, it was pretty busy all day.  The Ride Idaho bike riders were in the Silver Valley for a couple of days....about 300 of them, and many of them took the tour throughout the day.  We added an extra tour, which made our total numbers who took the tour today 195!!  That is a lot.  If we had a totally full trolley on each run, and if we added a 4:30 tour, like we did today, the total we would take would be 208....so we were close to capacity!
*Temperatures rose to the low 100’s today.  This is very unusual temperatures for the Silver Valley.  I think it got up to at least 106 today.  Tomorrow the forecast says 109.  Our only saving grace during these hot days is that is cools down in the evenings.
*When I arrived home, Paul and I hopped on our bikes and rode down to the Silver Valley Farmer’s Market.  I think the heat kept some of the vendors away, because our cheese vendors were not there tonight.  But there were some new vendors with new items to sell.  The music was  great by musician John Kelley.  We also got our wonderful hugs from “Beer Pourer Extraordinaire” Erin Nansel, and had a nice visit with Justin and Megan Cline.  To help cool off in the heat, we purchased a Raspberry Lime Kombucha Popsicle from Booch so Rad.  Richard Chapman came and asked how my sister Christy’s knee recovery was doing, which was very nice of him to do.  And it was nice to be able to give him a good report!!
*We stopped at Yoke’s on the way home to pick up some things for dinner, and came home.  I picked some tomatoes and sliced some cucumbers and made a salad.  I sliced up some different cheeses, and Paul grilled some chicken thighs, and we had a great dinner on the patio. 
*After dinner, we did a little garden tour to see how things were looking, especially after a hot day like today.  Things are looking really good.  I was excited to see the Coneflowers and the Black Eyed Susan flowers blooming.  I have tried for years so successfully grow these kinds of flowers in a flower bed, but I never have success.  I guess the trick is to grow them in pots.  Both are in pots, and doing great.  And the great thing is, they are perennials, so they will come back again next year!!
*I was sharing about my overgrown squash patch at the salon this morning.  When squash plants came up volunteer in my tires where I planted my “Salad Garden”, I transplanted them on our “big pile of dirt” which had been a compost pile the past ten years or so.  Here is a before and after photo of this area. 

The Squash Patch Beginnings on June 20th.

The Squash Patch as of tonight taking over the sitting area.

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