Gathering Graces 8/4/2018

*Things were hopping at the Sierra Silver Mine Camp today...especially in the afternoon.  Every single tour after lunch was completely full.  I like days like that, and love hearing comments from people who were really impressed with the tour of the silver mine.
*After work I raced home, changed clothes, and drove up to the Elks to continue the festivities of Paul’s 40th Class Reunion.  He was nice enough to have gotten me some food, and had my plate ready for me when I arrived.  The Elks were a fabulous host for this event.  The prime rib they prepared was absolutely delicious!!  The set up was nice, and the people working in the kitchen do such a wonderful job.  If any of you are planning a reunion in the future, the Elks is the way to go!!
*Paul was the MC for the program, and we also sang a couple of our songs we have performed in the past at the All Class Reunions.  They always seem to be a bit hit.  We sing one called We’re From Everywhere, based on the Johnny Cash song I’ve Been Everywhere, and mention all kinds of places where people who attended Kellogg High School would be from.  Then we sang I’ve Got Friends in Slow Places, based on the Garth Brook hit I’ve Got Friends in Low Places.  This is about coming back home, and enjoying the friendly and slower pace of life here in Kellogg.

Paul and some of his classmates singing their class song "Come Sail Away".

*Long time friend Carolyn Faith was there at the dinner, even though she is in the Class of 1979, but wanted to come visit with members of this class.  We had a wonderful visit about my visit to Italy, her time living in Italy, and of how we both want to return to that magical country.
*It was really fun visiting with people from Paul’s class.  The committee who planned the reunion did an awesome job, and it was all really well done.  And I thought all of Paul’s classmates looked pretty darn good for being at their 40th reunion!  What a great group of people.  While we were sitting at our table talking, Marlene Lovell Young came and joined us, and shared a wonderful sentiment about how everyone has had different life experiences over the last forty years, and everyone has their own special story to tell.  And I believe that is one of the wonderful things about having class reunions.  You reunite with people who you have a common bond with....you all graduated from the same high school, and you take time to listen to people’s stories and their life experiences, and find out what has made people who they are today. 
*Paul and I ended this lovely evening outside visiting and enjoying some of our homemade Limoncello out on the patio. 

Paul and I at the reunion.

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