Gathering Graces 2/9/2017

*Each evening I sit down to write myself some notes about my day, so I can share them the next morning.  The journal I use to do this is titled Meditations, and on every other page is a quote to meditate on if you choose to do so.  Here are some from the last few days.  “God’s nature is given me...  All His attributes are woven into the pattern of my spirit.  What a God is this!  His life implanted in every child.” ~Jim Elliot  “Prayer immerses us into the silence of God.” ~Richard J. Foster and today’s quote is “God gets down on His knees among us: gets on our level and shares Himself with us.  He does not reside afar off and spend diplomatic messages.  He kneels among us.” ~Eugene Peterson.  Wonderful word to think and meditate on throughout the day.
*I had planned on baking some chicken breasts for dinner to take over to Mom’s house, but they were still frozen.  I looked in the fridge and had eggs, mushrooms and cheese, and thought, maybe I could make an omelet.  Wait...Mom doesn’t like eggs like that.  Then it hit me...I have been kind of craving a veggie pizza from Yoke’s,  so I put in a call, and ordered a pizza, picked it up, and Paul, Mom and I enjoyed veggie pizza for dinner.  And it was delicious!
*While at Yoke’s picking up the pizza, and ran into my friend Cheryl Hunter Gladish, and had a nice visit.  I was complimenting her on her granddaughter, who is one of my GEAR UP students, and we talked about the upcoming KHS All Class Reunion and our graduating class getting a float put together for the parade that weekend.  It is always fun running into Cheryl and having a little visit.  She is just a really wonderful person...someone I have known since we were in first grade together at Sunnyside Elementary.
*I had a call from Cosette today.  Sometimes when she is walking home from classes she will call either her dad or myself, and I just love these surprise phone calls.  She was talking to me about her possible plans for the summer, and it sounds very exciting!!!

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