Gathering Graces 2/11/2017

*The morning started off with Hailey (6) and Hayden (4) showing up for the morning, as their mom Heather, who is the counselor at KHS, had to proctor the ACT test all morning, so Paul and I got to spend time with her girls.  What a fun morning!  We made music by playing the piano, the xylophone, the hand bells and ukuleles. They discovered the pool table downstairs, and likes rolling the balls into the pockets.  We baked some sugar cookies.  We walked over the Silver Mountain and didn’t fall once on the icy road in front of our house.  We then decorated the cookies. We looked at books. We pushed the girls on the swing outside.  A whole morning full of fun!!  Paul and I make a good team.  We look forward to another visit soon!!
*I was able to take a nice afternoon nap today on the couch.  I love taking naps, especially when I sleep well.
*Christy invited us over to Mom’s house for dinner and some Gonzaga basketball.  She made Slow-Cooker White Chicken Chili that was delicious!!!  Mom made a batch of deviled eggs, and Christy threw together a salad, and we had a wonderful meal.  And Christy was impressed I actually sat and watched the whole Gonzaga basketball game.  Go Zags!

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