Gathering Graces 2/6/2017

*This winter there have been elk roaming through Kellogg.  I have seen photos from the Kellogg City Park and the Sunnyside Elementary building.  Paul keeps seeing them on his way to and from work on the dike road behind our house.   This morning during our walk, Nikki said they were sleeping in our subdivision in an open area behind a group of houses.  So on my way back home from Mom’s this morning, I took a different route to see if I could see them, and there they were.  I was not able to see them for long, but my goal is to at least get a photo of these beautiful creatures who sleep only a block away.
*My Gear Up program purchased some books, and today some of the KHS staff and myself started a book discussion on the two books.  They are both about dealing with students who have Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), and how this trauma can effect their brain and the way they are in the classroom.  We had a wonderful discussion and I look forward to the many weeks ahead to further discussions.  The two books we are reading are Fostering Resilient Learners and The Body Keeps the Score. 
*We noticed evidence of water dripping from our ceiling earlier this fall, where we have a small leak.  Yesterday, when I came home at lunch, I realized the ceiling was leaking again.  So I grabbed a pot to put under the leak.  Paul climbed up in the attic and tried to make his way back to where the leak was, but couldn’t quite make it.  But he could tell there was not a lot of water, and we will have to wait until things dry up on top to see what can be done.  I am so thankful for this husband of mine who loves taking on all our little household mishaps, and figures them out!!

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