Gathering Graces 2/22/2017

*Today at KHS we had a little celebration for our library assistant Taylor Hahn, who is expecting a baby boy very soon.  It is so fun to see all the little baby items and clothes.  And it is fun to gather as a staff and celebrate at lunch.
*I was feeling a little sick to my stomach around 3 p.m., and realized I had not eaten any lunch, just a piece of cake from the baby shower.  Paul had done the same thing.  So we decided to go to a local Mexican Restaurant, Casa d’Oro for a late lunch/early dinner.  Paul enjoyed his fish tacos, and I enjoyed my Tacos al Carbon.  We ran into Jim Vergobbi and his grandson Nicholas Lee finishing up eating, and it was good to say hello.  We also saw the Gilseths and got caught up on how their grandchildren are doing. It was a fun outing.
*We arrived home, and Paul left to head up to Wallace for at bit.  I went over to the modem, because our internet had not been working that morning and unplugged the modem and plugged it back in again.  It is by one of our big windows that looks out into our backyard, I look up, and was startled to see a moose posed very comfortably under out arbor in our backyard.  It was just as relaxed as can be.  I got some video and photos while she stayed in our backyard.   Apparently she has been seen various places around town, and has been named Georgia.  Around 10 pm I headed for bed, then heard some noise outside my bedroom window.  Georgia was up and ambling around the backyard.  Once I saw her upright, I realized she could do a bit of damage to the yard.  She spend about 45 minutes or so wandering around, eating on various shrubs and trees, then headed back out the gate that she had squeezed through to enter our yard in the first place.  It was a wonderful experience, but I don’t think I would want to keep a moose for a pet!!
*Throughout the evening, I talked to all three of the girls.  Actually, Cosette called me first, and I shared with her, then the other two called at different times, and I sent them photos of the moose.  It was quite the experience.  I was a little upset I had missed out seeing the elk herd that was living in our subdivision a week or so ago, so instead I got to experience the moose, up close and person.  The Kellogg Police Department had posted on Facebook about “Georgia” letting residents know they were aware she was around, and to leave her alone.  Here is what they said,  Please do not feed, pet, take selfies with, or even shoo away “ Georgia the moose” The City of Kellogg and Fish and Game are aware that she is in town for a visit. Again, Please DO NOT FEED her or even get close to her. She will run you over. Georgia the moose will eventually leave on her own. Thanks. Some people thought it was a little humorous that people had to be told not to do this, but, let’s face it, people can be idiots when wildlife is concerned.  I hope George makes it back to the forest safe and sound, and everyone just leaves her alone.

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