Gathering Graces 2/12/2017

*What is Jesus telling us in Matthew 5:21-37?  That is what Pastor Dave shared about today in church. The question was posed to us, “Is the Sermon on the Mount about a list of new Christian Commandments, or is it about Grace?”    It was a timely message as we looked at how anger can hurt, not only our relationship with the person we are angry with, but with our relationship with God as well.  And we examined the things we treasure, and were given the following choices:  Anger or Friendship, Using People or Cherishing People, Brokenness or Wholeness, Cunning or Truth.  Is the transforming power of the Gospel a myth or a reality?  I must examine my life and ask myself this question as it relates to me tod
*I got my federal income taxes done (and got a little bit of a refund.  Thank you Zoe and Cosette for getting me your college information!!), and should be able to finish the state later on Monday and get it submitted!!
*I am starting an after school Drama class in a couple of week as part of the after school program at Pinehurst Elementary.  I took some time to start drafting a schedule for the time I will be with the students (twice a week from February 28 to April 27).  I am looking forward to working with younger students and getting them on stage!!
*I talked to Zoe on the phone for a bit this evening.  She is so funny as she shares stories about her slow journey into the realization that she is an adult living on her own, and the things she has to take care of herself.  She cracks me up, especially because she is handling this journey quite well!!

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