Gathering Graces 2/8/2017

*I have been spending a lot of time lately reading a book titled American Wife.  It is fictional story based on the life of Laura Bush.  I hope to finish it tomorrow.  The premise of the book is showing the life of a woman who ends up marrying a man who becomes President of the United States, and how she deals with this in her life.
*The snow was falling again today, and people were grumbling about wanting winter to be over.  Not me.  I love to watch the snow fall.  But tomorrow may be a different story.  I really do not like it when the rain begins to fall, the days are drizzly, and the landscape turns gray.  But it looks like that is in the forecast, so time to stay upbeat and not let the gray get me down.
*I am really blessed to work with a wonderful staff at Kellogg High School.  I really believe they have the best interests of our students in their hearts, and want to make their learning experience and just their time at KHS a very positive experience.  I love the short visits I am able to have with staff members to hear about how they do help students and care for them. 

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