Gathering Graces 2/26/2017

*I spent some time this morning before going to church watching the birds come to our bird feeder outside the window of our dining area.  I am so glad Paul put up the bird feeder last summer.  It has been fun watching the different types of birds come and eat at the feeder.  I think my favorite are the doves.  Yesterday I think we had over ten doves in our yard eating.  I think they are beautiful.
*Today I packed up the snowmen and put them away, saying goodbye to my wintry-themed livingroom.  Now I want to find all my spring decorations.  I found a few in the basement yesterday, but I think I need to purchase some more.  I did find a tote with lots of valentine decorations in it that I forgot I had.  But I used to have more Easter decorations.  Oh well, I’ll figure something out.
*I spent some time planning out the Drama program I am starting on Tuesday at the afterschool program at Pinehurst Elementary.  It was nice to get that figured out, and to feel better prepared as I meet with the students on Tuesday.
*I also got laundry done as I was watching and listening to the “All Access” backstage show streaming from oscars.com.  The ending had quite the twist.  “La La Land” won best picture, no wait, that’s not right, it was “Moonlight”.  I haven’t seen any of the films up for best picture, but there are quite a few I would like to see, hopefully soon.

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