Gathering Graces 2/24/2017

*The last two Friday mornings, I have gone to grab the keys to go over to Mom’s house and they have not been there.  Paul has had them in his coat pocket...OOPS!!  Thank you Logan Jacobson this morning for driving my car keys to my house from KHS so I could use the car for the day!!
*On the way home from Mom’s house, I saw our neighborhood moose in the neighbors front yard.  I stopped and took some photos, then she wandered through our front yard, nibbled on a shrub, then headed on down the road. 
*I had a mystery I needed to solve this morning.  I was eating a sub sandwich and the phone rang.  It was a call I needed to take, and I needed to be on my computer to take care of the business of the call.  When I got off the phone, I tried to figure out if I had finished the sandwich I was eating or if I had laid it down somewhere.  Well, I had laid it down on the plastic wrapper it had been wrapped in on the couch, and low and behold, Sadie the Sandwich Snatcher had taken it and went to her kennel in our bedroom to finish it.  By the time I found her, all she was doing was licking her chops. 
*I went to the freezer and grabbed a top round roast out to cook for dinner.  There was a bottle of Coke on the counter.  I found a recipe for Coca Cola Roast.  I did some modifications, but ended up with a pretty good sauce that I cooked the roast in in the crock pot.  I made some rice, and put it in the bottom of a pan.  I sliced the roast and layed it over the rice.  Then I poured the sauce over the roast and rice, after thickening it a bit with some corn start.  It turned out really good.  Then I made a Top Ramen Cabbage Salad to go with it, and we had one delicious meal to take over to Mom’s house.

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