Gathering Graces 2/23/2017

*Well, Uncle Bill, your tomato sauce recipe is making its way through the family.  Molly tried it tonight on some spaghetti sauce, and was very impressed. 
*The moose was around this morning behind that back fence, then I didn’t see it until I came home for lunch, and it was relaxing behind the back fence.  I’m not sure where it spent the night.
*I visited Pinehurst Elementary to observe the students in the PASS program, and see how things are fun to help me better prepare for my opening Drama Class that begins on Tuesday.  It was fun seeing students I was familiar with, but many I have yet to learn more about.  I also had a wonderful conversation with one of Zoe and Coco’s former teachers, and with a parent of one of my Gear Up students.  When I left the school, I looked up and captured some beautiful colors on the clouds as the sun was beginning to set.
*I stopped at Walmart on my way home to pick up dinner for Mom, Paul and I.  I grabbed a Sub Sandwich, Potato Salad and Potato Chips.  There I ran into one of my neighbors, and we visited about the resident moose for a bit.  She said she had a conversation with her neighbor who has lived in this subdivision for close to close to 50 years, and my neighbor has lived her on and off for around 30, and neither of them has seen wildlife like this in the neighborhood.  Earlier there were deer, then a herd of elk resided here for a while, and now the moose.
*An exciting day for KHS athletes.  We had 11 wrestlers get on a bus and head to Nampa this morning to compete in the State Wrestling Tournament.  The day before I had a conversation with the Wrestling Coach and congratulated him, and he made very glowing remarks about the boys on his team, and what a great group of young men they are, and now they never got into any kind of trouble all season.  Tonight the KHS Boys Basketball Team won their fourth straight district tournament, and are on their way to the State Boys Basketball Tournament in Meridian next week.

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