Gathering Graces 2/15/2017

*Taxes done and submitted!!  Woo Hoo!!!
*Had a nice P.E.O. meeting tonight at Sandy Scott’s house.  Carolyn Gibbs did an interesting program on blood typing, and talking about donating blood.  It was fun to hear the comments from the ladies in the room talking about how interesting the topic was, and how smart Carolyn is in her field of expertise!!
*I have had an unusual week of being showered with unexpected gifts this week.  My friend Anita sent me a calendar and three new cookbooks, I received a coloring book and colored pencils and some chocolates from the secret pal at work, Christy brought me back a scarf to thank me for watching the cats while her and Everett were on their recent trip, and Jane brought a lovely bouquet of flowers to dinner Tuesday night.  I am thankful for each and every one of these lovely surprises!!

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