Gathering Graces 2/3/2017

*My name is Carol Roberts.  And I love snow.  For me this has been a particularly beautiful winter.  I want my winters to be white.  And this winter has had the bonus of blue skies occasionally, keeping my spirits up.  Give me this type of winter over a gray, drizzly, never see the sunshine for weeks kind of winter.  No, I don’t want to drive in it.  But I love all four season, and I love the beauty of the snow.  And I continue having white icicle lights in my windows and snowmen decorating my house to keep it cheery.
*I woke up really tired today, and with a headache, (which I don’t get that often) so I slept off and on throughout the morning, and I watched the snow fall.  Finally I got up and showered, did some dishes, and perked up a bit.  I headed to Yokes to do some grocery shopping for myself and Mom, making my way through the throngs of Fresh Friday shoppers.  Then I headed home to start preparing the chili for tonight’s dinner.
*Had a wonderful evening with the Schramfam tonight.  Our niece and her husband, Jenn and Dave, and their four children decided to leave the iciness of the Portland area to experience the snow of the Silver Valley.  We enjoyed  great food, great drink, and great conversation. I got to play a game of Quelf with Iris and Ella, (Iris did an exceptional job using two spatulas as drum sticks to perform some air drumming, and Ella performed quite a feat of stamina holding her body in the shape of an “X” as we played) and enjoyed some ping pong with Peter.  We always enjoy our visits from this wonderful family, and are so glad they make it to the Silver Valley to visit their grandparents so we get some time to see them too. 

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