Gathering Graces 2/10/2017

*It was a nice Friday to be home and enjoy reading, and catching up on things, and enjoying a quiet house.  I was sorry I missed the balloon launch at school for Sarah McFeeley, but I watched the videos and saw photos, and it was awesome!!  Especially the one where the Kellogg School District IT Department used a drone to video the balloon launch.  Not only did they capture the balloons, but also some beautiful footage of the area surrounding KHS and the town of Kellogg.
*Our dog Sadie has needed a bath for a while, so today was the day.  She actually does really well taking a bath, and she looks all clean and fluffy and nice, and smells great, too!!
*When I arrived at Mom’s this morning, she had a grocery store list for me.  I had told her the day before that I could go shop at Stein’s for her.  I got her stocked up on some fresh fruit and veggies, some meat, but haven’t found the elusive Sunbelt Granola that she likes, and also had a coupon for.  It wasn’t at Yoke’s last week, and wasn’t at Stein’s either.  The search continues!!
*I have a large collection of bottles that I am going to make into a variety of items to sell.  My plans are to make hummingbird feeders, bird feeders, and tiki torches, at least to begin.  I researched some today on what supplies I need to purchase to get those things started.  I also found a couple bottle projects I would like Paul to work on, such as a wine bottle shelf and a wine bottle chandelier.  He then showed me a wine bottle fountain he want to build in our backyard.  It was fun sitting down this evening and planning these projects together.
*I remember my girls reading  The Series of Unfortunate Events books growing up, and then a movie came out based on the books.  Now Netflix has a series based on the books.  Many students at school have given Paul and I great reviews on the series, so we decided to start watching it tonight.  It is a very enjoyable show and very clever.  We made it through two episodes tonight, and plan on watching more tomorrow. 

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