Gathering Graces 2/4/2017

*The snow has been falling, so much so that I got stuck pulling out of the driveway to get over to Mom’s house this morning.  So I went in and told Mom I would be a bit delayed, went and woke up Paul, and he got me safely to Mom’s house without getting stuck again.
*Later in the morning Paul, Molly and I attended the service for Sarah McFeeley at St. Rita’s Catholic Church.  What a beautiful service.  I love the Mass, and the tradition and the liturgy of a Catholic service.  I love the bells, the incense, the music throughout the service.  I love the reverence given to reading the Word of the Lord. One passage shared was from Ecclesiastics 3, which reminds us “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven.” Father Jerome shared some beautiful thoughts about Sarah and there were lovely poems shared and other readings.  I always think funerals should leave you uplifted, remembering the person with fondness, even though you mourn, and this funeral did just that for Sarah. 
*The afternoon was quiet around the Roberts’ house.  We watched the snow fall, and I worked on my taxes until I couldn’t do anymore (waiting for college information from Zoe and Cosette...hint! hint!), Paul build a fire and it was warm, quiet, cozy and safe inside our home all afternoon.
*We had an unexpected surprise with son-in-law Travis arriving early evening.  He was doing his Naval Reserve weekend, but, because of the weather, it was cancelled for Sunday, so he came over here to spend the night, then Molly and he will head back to Moscow after dinner at Mom’s house tomorrow.

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