Gathering Graces 2/7/2017

*Another day working with seniors in the classroom.  Helping them with scholarships, reminding them to get their FAFSA submitted, sending home GEAR UP Parent Surveys...just helping them stay on track.  It was a very productive day!!
*I went to my first practice for this year’s Community Easter Cantata under the direction of Joy Persoon.  Paul and I always love being a part of this community choir.  The Easter Cantata will be performed on Palm Sunday.  The name of the cantata this year is “The Tomb Is Empty Now”.
*I love my time in the morning when I first get up, when I read my Bible, and pray and have thinking time.  I feel like it is stirring up many things in my life that need changed and, although it can be hard, it is also good to realize I need some transformation in my life.  And for me, the Holy Spirit is who makes those changes... gently, lovingly, patiently.
*I had to go the my bank this afternoon, and all of a sudden I hear behind me, “Is that you Carol?”  I turned around, and was delightfully surprised to see my friend Marian Russell standing there.  She, of course, gives me a big hug, and we had a nice visit for a few minutes to get caught up.  She was a wonderful ray of sunshine to be blessed by this afternoon!!

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