Gathering Graces 2/1/2017

*I had a student come into my office to talk about a fund-raiser we were working on, and he ended up staying the whole period, and we had a great visit on subjects ranging from the death of Sarah, his classmate, current pets, losing pets, not thinking we could live life without pets, and a few other topics.  It was a great conversation.
*Spent some time with another student who has an unusual family situation which makes verifying her situation with a college for financial aid very interesting.  But I think I was able to help her and calm her fears about not thinking she would be able to get any financial aid.
*Had another student come into my office to vent a bit about things going on in her life.  I was glad I could be a pair of ears to listen.
*Something was said to me today that was hard to hear, and made me realize I may have a wrong attitude about an area in my life, and I may need to make some changes.  I could have got mad, and pouted, and got defensive.  That was my first reaction.  But as I think about it, I want to show grace, and learn from this comment, and hope it makes me better, and do better in the future.
*At our P.E.O. meeting, we celebrated one of our members, Rebecca Jenicek, who recently got married, and we had a cake for her.  It was a nice little celebration of a wonderful event.  Congratulations Rebecca and Geoff!!

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