Gathering Graces 1/31/2017

*I hope I provided comfort as I talked to various students about Sarah at school today.  I was impressed with our students throughout the day, and the fondness in which they spoke of  and remembered Sarah.
*I spent most of the day with the Juniors prepping them for their upcoming ACT test they will take on February 11.  Gear Up monies pay for them to take this test, so I help them get ready to take test.  As I went over some of the test questions, I was impressed I could at least answer the first two Math questions correctly!!
*My friend Kellee came over for a visit tonight, and we had a wonderful time visiting, opening gifts from our friend in Italy, and talking about books, movies, and other interesting topics.  Our visits are always way too short. 
*I spent way too much time on a new Twitter account called @WinnieDancing.  It is a GIF of Winnie the Pooh doing dance moves to any pop song given, and they all work.  My favorite...Law and Order.  Read about it and check it out here.  It could be I like it so much because my dad gave me the nickname of Pooh when I was little, and that is what he always called me.

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