Gathering Graces 2/18/2017

*Earlier this week, brother Bill shared about making a tuna casserole with potato chips on top.  That got me thinking about my favorite casserole from my childhood, Potato Chip Casserole.  I knew I had some of the beef left over from the sandwiches made earlier, so I sent Paul to the store to buy a bag of potato chips, some green onions and a can of cream of mushroom soup, and I cooked up a delicious Potato Chip Casserole.  The photo of the recipe above is a copy of the recipe off the Nalley’s Potato Chip box that Mom used to make this recipe.
*I am cleaning bottles to start working on some projects to sell items made from empty bottles.  One thing I got done today was soaking and cleaning labels off of about 10 bottles, and another 10 or 12 washed out.  I hope to work on some more tomorrow.  The secret to getting the labels off is soaking them in hot water, and putting a mixture of dish soap, baking powder and white vinegar in the hot water that helps break up the glue holding the labels.  It worked really well!!
*Paul and I wanted to watch a movie last night, and, as I was flipping through options on Netflix, found Finding Dory. What a fun and touching movie to watch.
*I continued listening to What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell on my Kindle while working on my bottle project.  Today I listened to a story about hair color, and how an advertising copy writer came up with the slogan for Clairol Hair Color “Does she or doesn’t she?”. and how another copy writer years later came up with the L’Oreal “I’m Worth It”.  It was a fascinating story of how these two women in the advertising business changed the way people looked at women who color their hair. The Clairol ad slogan focused on how others saw the woman, and the L’Oreal ad slogan focused on how the woman saw herself.

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