Gathering Graces 2/20/2017

*Today was a nice and relaxing President’s Day off from work.  I enjoyed the quietness of the house, and the chance to think and meditate on things.  I also read a lot today.
*One thing I finished reading today was the book Laura Bush:An Intimate Portrait of the First Lady.  It was interesting reading about her life while in the White House, and how President Bush dealt with some things that our current president is dealing with, such as being called a fascist, legitimately dealing with fake news reports.  But the way they handled these accusations was much different.  They seemed more private and gracious, despite their treatment.  I have now started a book about George W. Bush by Frank Bruni titled Ambling Into History: The Unlikely Odyssey of George W. Bush.
*Sister Christy hosted our weekly family dinner tonight.  We went and picked Mom up at her house next door, and she four-wheeled it over to Christy and Everett’s with her all terrain walker.  We enjoyed a lovely meal of barbecued pork steaks, a Mediterranean salad, petite peas, and a delicious applesauce cake for dessert.  We enjoyed some good conversation, and Christy was able to show Mom her “portal” from our local clinic to see what medical information was on there about her.

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