Gathering Graces 10/4/2017

*What a wonderful surprise when I arrived at work this morning, and found a wonderful cheery yellow mum plant on my desk.  It was a gift from some of the KHS staff.  It brightened my whole day.  They gave it to me, because it was one of Mom’s favorite flowers.  I was really touched.
*I talked to lots of students today regarding their future plans.  It was fun talking to one student, who raised money last year and was able to travel to Australia to play football last summer.  What an incredible opportunity for this young man.  I can’t wait to hear more of his story.
*When I arrived home, Zoe had arrived!!  She had driven up through Idaho from Caldwell, and she took a different route once she got past Lewiston, Instead of going through Moscow, she went through Kendrick, on to St. Maries, Rose Lake, then to I-90 and home.  She said that road was way too curvy for her.  It was a beautiful drive, but she probably won’t drive that way again.
*Zoe and I jumped into the car and headed to the store to buy food and some boxes of cake mixes so she can make cupcakes for the reception on Friday.  We got home, and I threw together some red sauce to put on pasta.  I had found some wheat free pasta at Costco that I tried tonight, and it was good.  The sauce was great, too!!
*I attended my P.E.O. meeting tonight and we had a wonderful program presented by Debbie Gibler about flowers and their meaning.  She brought in a couple bunches of flowers, then we put bouquets together, and had to decipher what the message would be if we gave the flowers to someone, and who would we give the flowers to.  It was really fun.
*Zoe was in the midst of baking the cupcakes when I arrived home.  I headed to the sink to start washing dishes, so tomorrow when I finish cleaning up the kitchen, there won’t be any dirty dishes to deal with.  Paul and I worked with Zoe on the song her and her sisters will be singing Friday at the service, and we also shared some songs with Zoe that we are singing in our upcoming show at the theater.  Before we all knew it, it was time to go to bed.

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