Gathering Graces 10/29/2017

*Today I did a whole lot of sitting.  Most of today was spent in a Gear Up regional meeting at the Hilton Hotel with coordinators from North Idaho talking about a variety of things.  It was a great meeting, and it was great seeing all these people I only see a couple times a year.
*When I got back to the hotel, I started in on a project I have needed to get done for a while.  After I have spent time interviewing each senior, I am summarizing what we talked about, making up a to do list, and emailing this to the student and their parents.  This evening I got most of the write ups done for the female students. It felt really good to get such a chunk of those done.  But, again, lots of sitting.  At one point, I did take a break and walk down the street and get some dinner.
*Paul called later in the evening, and it was nice talking to him about his day, and share with him about mine. 
*Not the most exciting day of my life, but it was very productive.  The weather in Portland was a little more drizzly this morning, but it did get a little bit nicer by the afternoon.  It was still cloudy, but not as rainy.  Still lovely, though.

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