Gathering Graces 10/13/2017

*Ahhhh.  A Friday off.  I started my morning finishing a book I was reading titled Selling Sex in the Silver Valley. Dr. Heather Branstetter, who grew up in Wallace, Idaho and currently has returned there to live, did extension research on the brothels in Wallace, and shared the history of them in this book.  It was very interesting to read about this part of the history of the area I live.  (Just a side note, growing up I always knew there were brothels in Wallace, and all I had been told was that they were located on Cedar Street.  I remember anytime we went to Wallace when I was growing up, I would avert my eyes as we passed Cedar Street.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to see, but whatever it was, I did not want to see it!!)  I find it interesting that I spend a large amount of time lately in a former brothel, The Lux Rooms, which used to be located upstairs in the Sixth Street Theater. 
*At 8:30 a.m. I drove over to The Bean Coffee Shop and met my sister-in-law Debbie for coffee.  We had a nice time visiting and I also enjoyed the comings and goings of people coming in and out of the coffee shop.  It was also fun to see KHS Senior Kelsey Castro, who was helping make the coffee.  She is doing this as part of her senior project.
*When I returned home, I wrote my blog for the day, and worked on some publicity things for the upcoming show at Sixth Street.  I ate some lunch, and took a short nap.
*The chaos in my clothes closet in my bedroom has been driving me nuts, so I decided that would be a project that I would give some attention to today.  So I emptied out the closet of everything located on shelves and the floor.  The clothes that were hanging stayed.  (I had recently spent some time organizing those clothes.)  I swept the floor, and went through items in the closet.  My shoes are now on shelves instead of strewn about on the floor.  Old clothes are either bagged up to be donated, or bagged up to be thrown away.  Other items went to be stored in other parts of the house.  I went through my shoes and purses, and found some to donate, and stored the ones I decided to keep.  It felt good to bring some order to my closet.
*When Paul got home from work, we decided to order some Wah Wing takeout for dinner.  We enjoyed some Chef Quartet and Kung Pao Shrimp, and Hot and Sour Soup.  After dinner we bundled up and waked over to Teeter’s Field for the football game.  Tonight was senior night, so they just started introducing the players when we arrived at the field.  It was also Homecoming tonight.  All in all, a very successful night for the Wildcats.  They won the game, 40-14.  The halftime show was great with the cheerleaders and band and JROTC.  Then there was the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen, Ryan Morgan and Sierra Rice.  It was a great night.
*We arrived home and Paul started a fire in the fireplace, and we enjoyed warming ourselves by the fire.  Earlier, Paul had stopped by the library to pick up some books I had on hold, the majority of which were books on Essential Oils.  So I took some time this evening to read up on how essential oils can help what ails Paul and myself.

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