Gathering Graces 10/9/2017

*It is Homecoming Week at Kellogg High School, which means each day is a spirit dress up day.  Paul came out in the living room in his shorts and t-shirt, and I was wondering why he was dressed as he was, and then I remembered we could be an “Athlete or Mathlete” today.  Since I was already in my walking clothes, I didn’t have much to do to get ready this morning.  I kept on my walking pants, changed my sweatshirt to my black U of I sweatshirt, added a black U of I beanie and I was set.
*It was one of those days at work that I felt like I kept busy, but that it also seemed like I didn’t get anything done.  Plus I was very sleepy. 
*Toby our diabetic cat had to go get his glucose levels checked today at the vet.  After school Paul and I went to pick him up.  His levels were a little strange, but we are going to continue monitoring him at home, and see how it goes.  But he is doing a lot better since he started having insulin.
*We returned from the vet, and got ready to drive up to Wallace for rehearsal.  It was a good night of singing and playing music.  We got home and it wasn’t long before I was ready for bed. 

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