Gathering Graces 10/18/2017

*Today was a day full of pleasant surprises, that included breakfast, conversations, home project completion and a surprise package in the mail.
*The morning began with a breakfast at KHS for all coaches and advisers.  I enjoyed some hashbrowns, bacon and scrambled eggs.  What a great way to start the day visiting and enjoying the company of my co-workers.
*And the visiting continued throughout the morning.  I had a chance to visit with some different people throughout the morning that I don’t normally talk to, and it was so uplifting.  Visiting with others made it a really great morning.
*At the end of first hour, Paul saw me in the hall, and asked if I was busy.  I said I had a little time this morning.  Well through a scheduling mix up, the guys who were to install our gutters on our house arrived this morning, and Paul needed to go talk to them.  So I covered his second hour class for a bit.  It was actually a good mix up.  We got the old gutters removed for free, and the new dark brown gutters were installed in about four hours.  They look great!!
*When I got back and started putting together the information for the after school program students to come and do some activities outside.  But, when we set up this activity, we said we would cancel if it was raining too hard.  When I left to go home for lunch, it was kind of drizzling, and I thought, we could do the activity if it continues lightly raining like this.  But, as I headed back to my car after lunch, the rain was starting to really pour down, and I thought to myself, we don’t want to be outside in this.  When I returned back to school, I had received a call that the field trip had been cancelled.  Good call!!
*In the morning I had received a text from my friend Anita saying she had sent me a package and it would be arriving either today or tomorrow.  When I arrived home for lunch, the package was there.  What a wonderful surprise to receive.  In it was a wonderful letter, card for me, cards for my siblings, some books, a calendar and a sweater for Paul and a shawl for me.  I was beyond touched by these thoughtful gifts.  Here is what she shared about the sweater and shawl:  For Paul, Grandpa’s green sweater.  For you, Grandma’s red shawl.  I got the idea from a prayer shawl a friend made me.  When I wrap it around me, I feel the prayers that went into it.  With these, I hope you and Paul can wrap yourself in them, feeling not only my prayers and love, but the big hugs I know Grandpa and Grandma would love to give you.  Spirit hugs from them to you.

Paul in Grandpa Evert's sweater.

Lovely gifts and Grandma Martha's shawl.
*I had finally got smart the night before and took some meat out of the freezer so I would have some thawed to prepare something for dinner.  I had some steaks, and some hamburger.  I was going to make meatballs, but couldn’t figure out what to make with them, so meatloaf won over.  I made four little mini meatloaves, and some baked potatoes and green beans.  The perfect comfort meal for this rainy evening.  We even sat down and ate together at the table, which I hope to make more of a habit in the future. 
*The day ended with rehearsal at the theater, a bowl of popcorn, and then bedtime.  What a wonderful, wonderful day.  Here is a quote that is from the Gratitude book Anita sent me:
Everybody likes to find a letter in the mail, but it doesn’t happen as often as it used to.  Remember, a phone call is nice, but a letter is forever.  Make someone’s day!
Thanks Anita....you made my day!!

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