Gathering Graces 10/26/2017

*Grief manifested itself in an unusual way tonight.  It was at rehearsal for the show.  I felt like I messed up on a song, and this frustrated Paul.  When we got home, we didn’t talk for a while.  When we finally took time to talk and cry, we realized the whole interaction at rehearsal was caused by the grief we share regarding the loss of Mom.  But we realized that the two of us had not had the chance to cry about  together.  And talk about it together.  Last night gave Paul a chance to share with me how hard it was last weekend moving furniture down the front steps of Mom’s old house, because it reminded him of taking Mom down those same steps in her wheelchair.  And he shared other things he has experienced and felt since Mom has gone.  It was a strange evening.  It was a hard evening.  But ultimately, it ended being the exact evening it should have been.
*KHS had a blood drive, and I donated blood.  They asked if I wanted to donate double red blood cells, but my hemoglobin count was lower that it should be to do that kind of donation, but I was able to donate whole blood. I received a fun shirt for my effort. But it left me feeling a little off all afternoon.  I came home after work and laid down for a while before heading to rehearsal.  Paul made a delicious dinner of steaks and steamed clams to help me get my energy back.
*I finally figured out what I would be wearing during the upcoming show, and took them to the theater so I could practice changing clothes tonight.  I think what I picked to wear will end up working well.
*Another absolutely gorgeous day in the Silver Valley.  The sky was blue, and trees were colored, and the sun was shining. 

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