Gathering Graces 10/22/2017

*Before I headed to church I got the ribs out of the fridge and rubbed some salt, pepper and smoked paprika into them, and put them in the crock pot so they could slow cook all day for our family dinner tonight.
*I also put the ingredients together for the Ramen Cabbage Salad that would be served as well.  It is good to put this salad together early so the flavors all blend by the time you serve it. 
*Paul preached at church this morning, and he did a very good job talking about how we share God’s love through relationship with God and with those around us.  He also talked about Truth, and how, as Christian, we can’t be objective all the time seeking Truth, because how can you be objective when faith and hope are involved?  As always, I enjoy hearing Paul share the message on Sunday mornings.
*After church I was visiting with a friend and she was sharing how she enjoyed reading my blog each day, and liked to read how a normal person and a normal family function in dealing with problems and situations, because her family situation at the moment is anything but normal.  It made me chuckle, thinking I am poster child for normalcy....ha! ha! 
*Some of the ladies of our church had a retreat on Friday and Saturday and shared about what a wonderful time they had at the retreat.  I did not go, because I knew Saturday was the only day I had to get the work at Bill and Debbie’s house done by moving furniture out, and this Saturday was the only Saturday I had to get the yard cleaned up.  I believe I made the right decision.  But I so appreciate the other women who went sharing about their experience and how God touched them in many ways over the weekend. 
*Much of the afternoon was spent preparing food for tonight’s family dinner.  First I started working on the Honey Apple Upside Down Cake, my first try at making a white sugar free, white flour free dessert.  Instead, I used a brown rice flour, and honey, maple syrup and raw sugar were the sweeteners.  The cake turned out really good. 
*Next I brought out all the root vegetables I would chop up to prepared roasted root vegetables.  This included chopping carrots, a rutabaga, a turnip, a beet, a sweet potato, two regular potatoes and a butternut squash.  I found out in the midst of dropping a piece of raw butternut squash on the floor that our dog Sadie is a big fan.  She probably ate four or five pieces of raw butternut squash while I was fixing this dish.  I put all the veggies in a bowl and put in the fridge until it was time to roast them.
*I relaxed for a little bit on the couch, then cleaned up the house, set the table and finished the preparations.  Christy arrived a little before 5:30 p.m.  Everett wasn’t feeling well, so he was unable to come.  Christy came bearing the gift of two potted mums from our local ACE Hardware store.  They were giving them away for free, so she picked up some, and brought over two for me to put out front.
*Bill and Debbie arrived a little while later.  We warmed ourselves before dinner with some mixed nuts and a apple brandy hot toddy, then moved to the table and enjoyed the ribs, vegetables and salad.  And later the dessert.  I served the meal on the Candlewick dishes I got from Mom...their first time being used in my own home.  These dishes help create a very beautiful table.  The fire Paul made also created a very cozy atmosphere.
*We had great conversation around the table.  After Christy left to check on Everett, Paul and Debbie did a little guitar playing lesson before Bill and Debbie departed for the evening. I look forward to our next dinner at Christy’s house on November 5th.
*My feet were hurting a bit this evening, so I soaked them in some Epsom salts, and lavender and peppermint oils, which helped bring relief.  Then it was time for bed.  Paul and I listened to our daughters share about their days, we told them about ours, and then it was time for sleep.

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