Gathering Graces 10/24/2017

*I arrived at KHS as students and staff were making their way to the KHS gymnasium for an assembly called Fight the New Drug, where the speaker gave a research-based presentation on the harmful effects of pornography on the brain, relationships and society.  To find out more about this click here.  I would like to share my friend Simon Miller’s post from Facebook that he shared about this event:
As a parent of 4 girls, one of which is a teenager, I am very grateful that Kellogg High School and Kellogg Middle School had the "Fight The New Drug" presentation in their schools. I was very impressed with the speaker and the message, particularly the scientific research and digital components.
However, I'm equally as appalled at the amount of push back (putting it politely) this received when announced on their respective social media pages and the ever so fantastic "Silver Valley Rants & Raves" community. Instead of attending the FREE dinner and presentation in the evening, many chose instead to spread false info, make false accusations, and freak out. I didn't realize so many were so defensive when it comes to something I assumed (wrongly) was universally accepted as wrong and harmful. Go figure.
If you didn't go to the free event at KHS, I encourage you to check out the movement at their FB and web pages. Thank you
Kellogg High School and Kellogg Middle School for making this happen. 
*I, too, was appalled at the backlash that came about from the advertising of this event.  I think the people that surprised me the most were the young women defending pornography.  Pornography, whose sole purpose is to objectify women, and make them appear as something they are not.  I liked how the presentation showed how it is harmful to relationships, because men start looking at women as body parts, not human beings.  A large majority of the porn people see shows violence toward women.  And the more you watch this happening, the more you think it is okay and acceptable.  Wake up, young women.  Pornography is not a safe way for young men to explore their sexuality.  It is a multi-million dollar industry who use often lure young women like yourself into sex trafficking situations, drug them up, and make them perform in the films for their own profit, with the women rarely seeing any of those profits.  I know of countless stories told to me personally of men whose family life has been destroyed because of porn addiction.  Check out the facts for yourself. 
*My hope that, as the young people heard this presentation yesterday, that it starts conversations about the topic.  Or it gives them a new perspective on the subject.  That is how change is going to happen.
*The rest of the work day went well.  I got to the theater, and some of the board members were gathering to help stuff envelopes for our annual Silver Star mailing that will be mailed out soon.  Keith Mckay came to work on lights, and gave some great feedback regarding sound and how things looked on stage that was very helpful during rehearsal last night.  Things are coming together!!
*We returned home, and listened to how Zoe, Molly and Travis’ day went, and then got ready for bed.

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