Gathering Graces 10/15/2017

*What an absolutely gorgeous day today in Kellogg.  It was one of those sunny autumn days, with a clear blue sky that accentuates all the colors of fall. 
*It was wonderful to have all the worship team back at church this morning playing and singing together. 
*We left church a little early so we could get home and prepare for some filming being done in our backyard.  A scene from Portal to the Clockworld was filmed in out backyard.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  The scene involved Gabe and Grant fighting and rolling around on the ground, so thankfully the ground had dried out by the time filming had begun.
*Joni and I watched the filming from my kitchen window, and had a wonderful conversation on a variety of topics, including politics, religion, insurance and gun control.  By the time our conversation was done, our conclusion was.....if people spent time being more like Jesus, kind and good and loving, we wouldn’t have as many problems in the world.  Kind of a simple solution, but I really think it might work!
*It was fun watching KHS Senior Riley Fisher in action as one of the cameraman during this film shoot.  Riley is doing film production for his Senior Project, and was able to get some hours and experience for his project today.  Nancy is a great mentor for any student to work with when it comes to filming.
*Grant was also able to get some community service hours today for National Honor Society by volunteering his time to be in the film today.
*The filming was wrapped up by about 2:30 p.m., and everyone packed up and went on their way.  It was so fun to host this filming in our house.  Especially with such wonderful people helping out. 
*I relaxed for a couple of hours, reading Idaho some more, and then Paul and I headed over to Bill and Debbie’s house for dinner with Christy and Everett.  They made a delicious chicken and rice dinner with roasted brussel sprouts and carrots.  We had some great visiting time and Debbie brought out her guitar and showed Paul some things he can work on learning on the guitar, and it was a very good evening.  Paul and I came home, and I emptied out two dresser drawers that were full of Mom’s things and put most of them away.  Most of it went into the “family archives”.  Then I read some more, and got ready for bed.
*What a beautiful, full, creative, relaxing and comforting day.

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