Gathering Graces 10/20/2017

*Today was one of “those days”.
*It started out innocent enough.  I wrote on my blog, and got paperwork together and filled out so I could drive to Wallace, our county seat, and get the title on Mom’s car transferred to Paul and myself.  First, I needed to go by Bill’s house and sign some papers and get Mom’s death certificate.
*So that ended up being fine, and I drove to Wallace.  I found out from the very cheerful and helpful clerk for the Shoshone County DMV that some of the papers I had filled out online were not needed, but I did need Bill to sign the title as Mom’s legal representative, and that I needed to bring the certified letter that proves this, so they could make a copy.  So I headed back to Kellogg.
*In the meantime, I had received an urgent message from Paul who needed his Idaho teaching certification turned in to the District Office today. 
*I stopped by Bill’s house and had him sign the items he needed to sign, and got a copy of the certified letter needed.  I left his house, and when I arrived home, I realized I had left my purse at Bill’s house.  Back to Bill’s house to grab my purse.
*Upon arriving back at my house, I cut up some vegetables to roast that I would be taking to book group.  I started looking for the big envelope Paul’s papers were in.  The last time I remember seeing them, they were in his office on his desk, in a very specific place.  But they were there no more. I looked, and went through piles, and I could not find this big envelope.  “Ok Lord, help me find this envelope!!”  I decided, what the heck, let’s look on my desk in my office.  Well, after going through items in a pile, there it was.  Whew!!
*My vegetables were roasted, put into a dish, and put in the backseat of the car.  I stopped by the district office on my way out of town to drop the very important papers off, and they were closed!!  They are never closed.  But today all district office employees were gone.  I assume they had a special lunch together somewhere.
*As I left the district office, and turned to get onto the highway, and heard a sound, looked in the backseat, and there were roasted vegetables on the backseat, because some had spilled out of the dish.  I pulled over to the side of the off ramp, and scooped up what had spilled out.  Now my hands were very oily from scooping vegetables.  So, I drove to the Smelterville exit, took the exit, got back on the highway, headed back to Kellogg, got back home.  Cleaned up the mess in the backseat.  Salvaged the vegetables that were unharmed in this mess, and headed back to Kingston for book group. 
*Fortunately, book group was lovely.  As always, we had a wonderful spread of food on the table, great conversation about the book we read, Hillbilly Elegy, and about life in general.  As we sat at Mary Gail’s table, four white tail deer came traipsing into her yard.  Debbie shooed them off, know the damage they would do to Mary Gail’s plants in her yard if they were allowed to stay.
*So, back in the car and back to Kellogg, where I dropped off the papers to Cindy at the District Office, and talked to Terry about some Gear Up business.  Then I traveled back to Wallace and took in my papers to the DMV clerk, and, mission accomplished.  The car is now in our name, plus it is registered with new licence plates and we are good to go!!
*I returned home, and shared with Paul about my day.  I told him he should call our insurance agent to get this car on our insurance.  He did, and around 5 p.m. she was knocking at our door, handing us our proof of liability paper to have in the car, and also noticing our new roof, which means we get a discount on our home owners insurance, which she will put in the works on Monday.
*After sharing about my day with the girls, Zoe commented, “once you spill roasted vegetables on the back seat of the car, it is pretty much your car now.”  How true...how true!!
*One highlight of the day was the fact, amidst the flying back and forth around the valley, that I could look at the beautiful fall colors throughout Shoshone County.  As I was heading home at the end of the day, I pulled into the Silver Mountain parking lot and took the photograph you see up above.  I am always in awe of the beauty of the fall colors in my little town.

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