Gathering Graces 10/7/2017

*I woke up after getting to bed very late, and finished cleaning up the kitchen.  I couldn’t believe I still had energy to do it.  This morning wind and rain started rolling into the backyard, so I went outside and closed the patio table umbrella so it wouldn’t get blown away, then came in and relaxed.
*We were leaving for Moscow for the University of Idaho homecoming game this morning, so I got dressed and ready to go.  Laurie, Paul’s sister arrived, and was our driver.  Cosette got up and got moving, and Paul, Laurie, Cosette and I were on our way to Moscow.  Molly, Travis and Zoe would join us there later after the game for dinner.
*I napped a bit in the car on the way to Moscow, (surprise, surprise), and we went to Cosette’s apartment so she could get her band uniform on, and we swung by the Lionel Hampton School of Music to get her buck drum, then dropped her off at the Kibbie Dome so she could join the rest of the Vandal Marching Band as they prepared to gather and march through the parking lot to play for all the tailgaters. 
*We entered the Kibbie Dome, and got some snacks and had a seat.  The Vandals were playing the Ragin Cajun from the University of Louisiana at LaFayette.  I was curious as to what a Ragin Cajun mascot would look like.  Well, this mascot is named Cayenne, and it is a hot pepper.  Cayenne was not in the Kibbie Dome for the game. 
*As I sat and started watching the game, and about half way through the first quarter, it finally hit me.....I was tired!!!  There I was, in the midst of thousands of football fans inside the Kibbie Dome, and I kept nodding off to sleep.  But I woke up a bit before half-time when Laurie, Paul and I walked over to the other side of the dome so we could watch the half-time show.  It is an annual tradition for the half-time show for the school’s singing group, the Vandaleers, to lead the returning alumnae in the school’s alma mater, Here We Have Idaho.  Laurie and I both agreed that we get a little choked up every time we sing that song at homecoming.  Here is a little trivia about this song:
"Here We Have Idaho" is the official state song of Idaho.[1] The music for the Idaho state song, composed by Sallie Hume Douglas, was copyrighted on 4 November 1915, under the title "Garden of Paradise."
In 1917, McKinley Helm, a student at the University of Idaho, wrote the verse which became the chorus of the Idaho State song, and Alice Bessee set the words to the music by Sallie Hume Douglas. The song was popular then, and Bessee had no idea of its origin.
This song won the annual university prize for that year, and eventually became the university's alma mater. Albert J. Tompkins, Director of Music in the Boise Public Schools, wrote a set of verses for the song. In 1931, the Idaho Legislature designated "Here We Have Idaho," previously known at the University of Idaho as "Our Idaho," as the Idaho state song.
*After the Vandals had a few attempts to win the game, but didn’t, we headed out of the dome.  On the way out we greeted the principal of KHS Curt Bayer and his daughters Avery and Braelynn who were there watching the game.  Then I ran into a couple of my Tri Delta pledge sisters and their families.  First I saw Barbie Tesnoledek and her husband Tony.  Then I saw Dedra Swanstrom as well.  They were both surprised to see me, because they thought Mom’s service had been today.  It was so wonderful to see both of them, if even for just a few moments.  Often Sororities and Fraternities get a bad reputation, and portrayed as just a bunch of partiers looking for a good time.  But through this summer dealing with Mom, and then her passing away, it was my Tri-Delta sorority sisters who sent me heartfelt messages of encouragement and love, and supported me, and continue to support me.  My Tri Delta sisters, even after more than 30 years, are still a strong support system. 
*I remember eating at Tapped in downtown Moscow once before and really enjoying it, so that is where I chose for us to eat tonight. It was the perfect choice.  Paul, Laurie, Cosette and I joined Molly, Travis and Zoe for a delicious dinner.  We started with some One Tree Cranberry Cider that had a perfect tartness from the cranberries.  Then I order some bacon wrapped dates.  Molly and Travis had ordered some Pigs in a Blanket that many at the table also enjoyed.  When our entrees arrived, everyone thought their food was delicious.  I enjoyed a Lamb and Ale Stew. 
*We all headed over to Molly and Travis’ apartment.  Zoe was spending the night there before she drives back to Caldwell in the morning.  We said hello to the fur babies Dumblebunz and Booker, and visited for a bit, then it was time to go.  We dropped off Cosette at her apartment, and headed back to Kellogg, arriving safe and sound.

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