Gathering Graces 10/23/2017

*I woke up this morning, and was dragging.  I did not feel like getting up and walking, so I texted Nikki and told her as much.  I felt like I needed to ease into my day.  I still got up at the same time...I just eased into it more.
*I thought about what made me tired, and later in the evening Paul was retelling a weird dream he had last night to the girls, and then I realized I had experienced one of those moments that people tell you is going to happen when you least expect it.  All of a sudden I am in bed, I turned the lights out ready to sleep, and the tears start flowing.  Perhaps it was being with my siblings at dinner, but I spent a good ten minutes or so weeping in bed over the loss of my mother.
*The morning at work was a little crazy.  We had a National Honor Society meeting during homeroom, and we drew names for our raffle drawing.  That went well, and the raffle was a success, and the students all had great prizes they donated to the raffle.  Then we moved right into the poinsettia sale.  The NHS members will be selling poinsettias for the next two weeks, 6 inch pots, either red, white or pink for $10 a piece.  This always is a good fund-raiser.  Once we are done with this fund-raiser, I don’t think we will need to raise anymore money!!
*Afternoon at KHS was a little calmer, and I got ready for the next day, and headed home.  When I got home I finally sat down and worked on a project I was finally able to complete, now that I received all the information.  That was a load off my mind, and a nice thing to check off my “to do” list.
*The weather was beautiful when I returned home from work that I took Sadie outside and walked around the backyard, and Clark showed up.  He likes to race around the yard, and he climbed up into one of the trees in the side yard.  I asked him if he would stay up in the tree so I could go get my camera.  Well, he jumped down, but then he went and sat on a bench.  At that point I thought, I am just going to go get my camera.  Once I had camera in hand, he climbed up in the Linden tree and let me take quite a few shot of him.  Then he ran over to the Beech tree and lounged under the tree on the white bench that surrounds the tree.  It was fun having Clark as my model this afternoon.  Here is one of my favorites from the “photo shoot”.

Clark the Tree Hugger....he is quite the environmentalist.
*We grabbed leftovers for dinner and headed up to the theater and had a really good rehearsal.  I am finally getting a feel for where I should be during songs, and what I will be doing.
*Returning home, Zoe called and we had a nice visit about lots of different things.  It was nice talking to her, and talking about her upcoming visits for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
*Before we knew it, it was time for bed.

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