Gathering Graces 6/16/2017

*Today the majority of my day was spent packing items for my upcoming departure on Monday morning.  My biggest concerns were making sure my baggage was not too heavy.  I think I have succeeded!
*My traveling partner Kellee Crall Mills came over to visit, and kept cracking Paul and Zoe up as she kept asking them the same question over and over....”Hey, do you know we are going to ITALY!!!”
*The rain poured and poured today.  At one point, I went into the kitchen, and the kitchen counter was really wet, and the rain was causing a drip to come through one of our kitchen cabinets.  Yes, we are in desperate need of a new roof on our house.  We are working on it.
*Since school is out, Paul has become the Energizer Bunny.  Zoe made a comment to me about how he never stops.  Yesterday, one of the projects he and Zoe worked on was putting up a little wooden fence in front of the flower bed off the back patio.  It looks great.
*Paul and Zoe are also constructing a fountain in the backyard.  I can’t wait to share photos once it is all done.
*Molly arrived this evening while we were over at Kindred visiting Mom.  Boy, we were a boisterous bunch in Mom’s room, with Paul, Zoe, Molly and myself.  I think Mom enjoyed all the energy and laughter surrounding her.  Mom had a meatball sub sandwich for dinner, and made Paul, Zoe and I eat part of it.  It was really good.
*Molly is taking summer courses as part of the PACE program through Lewis Clark State College, and it was fun to listen to her share about her first week of school, working with students and learning about education as she continues to pursue her teaching degree.

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