Gathering Graces 6/24/2017

*Although I am in Italy, my thoughts continue to stay close to Kellogg as well.  As I think of my brother, sister, husband and daughter all taking care of Mom, part of me wants to be with them.  I love caring for Mom, and spending time with her, and would love to be a part of her daily routine.  I receive updates about Mom on a daily basis, which helps, but it is still not the same as being there.  I do write her daily letters that I email to Zoe to read to her about what is going on each day.  I hope she is able to understand some of what is being read to her.
*Today started off going to the Saturday Market in Aulla.  It was enjoyable walking along, and seeing the food vendors, the flowers, as well as shoes, purses and items of clothing.  I did buy a pair of pants and a new purse.  In fact all four of us bought new purses.  How can you help but get a new purse when it only costs $10 euros!
*When I returned from the market we had some lunch.  I never tire of the delicious meats, cheeses and breads that we are served each day.
*After lunch I took a little nap.  I am still not quite adjusted to the new time.  Once I got up, and made some Almond Hazelnut Biscotti that will be part of two of our breakfast buffets this week.  We got to eat some of the end pieces, and it is delicious!!
*Eric cooked some gnocchi for us, and we enjoyed that for dinner. 
*After dinner, we spent some time planning our trip to Rome.  We purchased the train tickets, then we went to buy a Rome City Pass, and found out we could not visit the Vatican with that particular pass on July 3 (we wanted to do this trip for my birthday).  So we had to cancel our train reservations, but we could only cancel the Roma to La Spezia tickets.  The other we have to exchange, but can only do that at the train station.  So we will do that next week.  It was all very frustrating, and we were all tired, so we will buy the Rome City Pass later, too.
*I finally made it to bed at a decent hour, if you call midnight decent.

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