Gathering Graces 6/5/2017

*I was very grateful to feel better this morning, and be able to go to work.  I slept pretty good, and felt a little off throughout the morning, but much better in the afternoon.  I think the good weather helped, too.
*What a crazy spring this has been.  Because of that, I am really behind in my paperwork and data entry for my job at work.  So I tackled about four months of paperwork and data entry to get caught up so I can submit all this information soon.  I don’t think I realized how much time working with the seniors was going to take.  Oh, it was all good!  But I wasn’t prepared for it.
*What an absolutely beautiful day it was after work.  Paul went and mowed Mom’s yard, and then we met up over at Kindred to visit with Mom.  We took her out back on the patio, and I texted Bill to see if he was available to talk to Mom, and he was, so Mom and Bill talked for a bit.  Then they were nice enough to bring her meal outside on the patio, so Mom ate her cheeseburger and canned apples “al fresco”.  She was also wondering where the cat was that often is outside.  It wasn’t around, but later did show up.  We have affectionately names him “Kindred Cat”.
*Keep my sister Christy in your prayers.  She still is not feeling better, and hopes to feel well soon.
*I was very saddened to hear the news of the passing of Tina Hurd Payton.  She was a few years younger than me in high school, and I have had a couple of her grandchildren in my Gear Up program.  I didn’t know her well, but she was a vibrant presence on Facebook, and you could tell she love her family and friends very much.  I pray prayers of peace and comfort for all of them.
*I am trying to get organized for my week in La cucina di Villa Magnolia, preparing meals for April’s retreat.  So I spent the evening working on my timeline for the week, and I am getting close to being able to put everything together.  This preparation makes the anticipation of the time in Italy even more exciting!!

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