Gathering Graces 6/15/2017

  • Zoe and I headed over to spend time with Mom this morning, and to deliver some freshly cleaned compression socks that I had forgotten to take over the day before.  We got her up, dressed and ready for her day.
  • When I returned home, much of my day was spend making preparations for my upcoming trip on Monday.  I have a list of things to do, and keep working on getting things marked off the list.
  • Mom had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, her monthly check up, so Christy and I joined her for her visit with Dr. McDonald.  She has been having bouts of confusion for many months now, and her doctor said it is Vascular Dementia.  When things happen in Mom’s body due to her heart condition, often blood flow or oxygen flow is reduced to the brain, and so there is some confusion and memory loss.  Then she may go a long for a while with nothing happening.  Then something happens again, and she loses some brain function and memory loss.  She explained it as stair steps going down.  Whereas Alzheimers has a more rapid decline, which is not what is happening to Mom.  I feel like Mom was glad she got an explanation about her condition, and why she was so confused at times.
  • After Mom’s appointment, I went to get my hair cut and colored before leaving Monday. 
  • Paul, Zoe and I went to see Mom in the evening.  After Mom being in Kindred for about one and a half months, we see a variety of people with a variety of conditions.  One thing with Mom is, she is always pleasant to be with when I visit.  Our conversations are always enjoyable, and she still has her sense of humor.  Christy said the staff really enjoy Mom, which doesn’t surprise me. 

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